The client engagement process

Perfume and packaging – from brief to bottle

  1. Contact is established between client and perfumer
  2. Client communicates brand identity
  3. Perfume brief is actioned in which perfume preferences are expressed, for example “light and airy, fresh-fruity-gourmand or sophisticated leather-woody-musky”.
  4. Other essential information is also communicated in the perfume brief, such as demographic data, age and target market and packaging requirements.
  5. Perfumer starts research on the specific aromas which would be suitable for the brand and its identity
  6. Perfumer creates samples of possible perfume themes
  7. Prepares samples of packaging options
  8. Second meeting for submission of all samples and feedback
  9. Alterations to be made to perfume and packaging as desired by client
  10. Resubmission of perfume and packaging
  11. Repeat alterations if necessary or any changes
  12. Client signs off on all mock-up samples
  13. Submission of specifications to production
  14. Preproduction samples are issued and submitted to client for final sign off
  15. Production and delivery
  16. Launch of new perfume by client

Time scale: 6 to 12 months

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