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South Africa

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The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) was founded in 1973 in Geneva to represent the collective interests of the fragrance industry. Its main purpose is to promote the safe enjoyment of fragrances worldwide. Together with the industry’s scientific centre, RIFM (the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials), the IFRA team endeavors make sure that usage standards for fragrance materials are put into practice according to the available scientific recommendation, and that member companies comply with those standards. This voluntary approach enables the IFRA standards to be adopted very rapidly by fragrance houses worldwide and by the industry as a whole.

All of RIFM’s scientific findings are evaluated by an independent, scientific Expert Panel — an international group of dermatologists, pathologists, toxicologists and environmental scientists with absolutely no ties to the fragrance industry.

The IFRA Code of Practice applies to the manufacture and handling of all fragrance materials, for all types of applications and contains the full set of IFRA Standards. Abiding by the IFRA Code of Practice is a prerequisite for all fragrance supplier companies that are members of IFRA (through their national or regional associations). Currently IFRA members supply 90% of the global market for fragrance compounds. Client companies (including producers of toiletries and household products) expect their fragrances to comply with IFRA Standards as set out in the Code.

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