Research and manufacturing

Earthgro Fine Fragrances (“Earthgro Fragrances”) develops new methods and refines existing technologies in order to excel in perfume design and production.

The perfumes developed by Earthgro Fragrances (Left to right): Essence of Poetry for Poetry Collection, Unrestricted Man for Old Khaki, BLACK for Markham, Unrestricted Man for Old Khaki, La Vie for Poetry Collection and Leaf for Rain Africa

Latest proprietary production enhancements

  • Perfume freeze and super filtration unit
  • Supercritical extraction and isolation system
  • Moulding unit enabling custom cap production
  • Vacuum vapour deposition unit
  • Cellophane wrapping unit
  • Heidelberg Printing Machine, German precision offset printing press, for high-quality, customised box and label printing (2017).


In August 2019, Max Millies, the nose of Earthgro Fragrances and the name behind Maxiamo Perfumes, went to Europe and visited places perfume manufacturing facilities in cities famous in the perfume industry; Grasse in France and Cologne in Germany. In particular, he observed first-hand the production processes and marketing at these facilities of which the most famous are Fragonard, Molinard, and Galimard in Grasse, and Mäurer & Wirtz in Cologne.

Max Millies, Perfumer, Earthgro Fragrances, August 2019

“The Heidelberg litho press and Heidelberg finishing press acquired in 2017 allow higher quality and quicker turnaround times during production. These Heidelberg KORS and Heidelberg GT presses are classics and still work very well.”

Max Millies, Perfumer, Earthgro Fragrances, April 2018

“Efforts to control VOC (volatile organic compounds) in perfume production could be scaled down thanks to proprietary micro-emulsion-based technology that we have introduced. This decreases the ethanol content and allows compositions to be compliant with USA and EU air pollution laws.”  

Max Millies, Perfumer, Earthgro Fragrances, May 2018

All-inclusive packaging solution features

  • High quality European flint glass bottles
    Finishing options: ceramic print, organic print, frosting, special bonded attachments
  • Standard or custom designed bottle caps with wide variety of finishes
    Finishing options: Metalized in gold, silver or speciality alloy, with buffed / matte / brushed finishes
  • Customized boxes – folded or gift type, available in selection of elaborate covering materials
    Finishing options: graphical board with full colour print, speciality paper, textile, polyurethane, leather etc.
  • Neat and attractive cellophane wrapping

Areas of research

  • New perfumery materials
  • Fine fragrance profile design
  • Super filtration to ensure optical fidelity of perfume
  • New supercritical methods of odoriferous material extraction and isolation from naturals
  • Fragrance encapsulation
  • New technology for metal mould manufacturing for perfume caps
  • Metalizing of caps and bottles
  • Biodegradable perfume packaging materials
  • Packaging technology
  • New packaging solutions

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