Earthgro Fine Fragrances (“Earthgro Fragrances”) develops new methods and refines existing technologies in order to excel in perfume design and production.

Our areas of research include:

  • New perfumery materials
  • Fine fragrance profile design
  • Super filtration to ensure optical fidelity of perfume
  • New supercritical methods of odoriferous material extraction and isolation from naturals
  • Fragrance encapsulation
  • New technology for metal mould manufacturing for perfume caps
  • Metalising of caps and bottles
  • Biodegradable perfume packaging materials
  • Packaging technology
  • New packaging solutions

Our latest proprietary production enhancements are:

  • Perfume freeze and super filtration unit
  • Supercritical extraction and isolation system
  • Moulding unit enabling custom cap production
  • Vacuum vapour deposition unit
  • Cellophane wrapping unit
  • Heidelberg Printing Machine, German precision offset printing press, for high-quality, customised box and label printing (2017).

Our all-inclusive packaging solution features:

  • High quality European flint glass bottles
    Finishing options: ceramic print, organic print, frosting, special bonded attachments
  • Standard or custom designed bottle caps with wide variety of finishes
    Finishing options: Metalised in gold, silver or speciality alloy, with buffed / matte / brushed finishes
  • Customised boxes – folded or gift type, available in selection of elaborate covering materials
    Finishing options: graphical board with full colour print, speciality paper, textile, polyurethane, leather etc.
  • Neat and attractive cellophane wrapping


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