The fragrance portfolio

Composing a perfume is much the same as composing music or composing a painting. The skill lies in what to put together and how to combine them.

“There is nothing new in the natural world, creativity comes through new combinations of existing elements. In perfume, one has to have a balance of selected elements: male/female; chemical/organic; old/modern scents. The key is the contrast and balance of the opposing elements. A perfume cannot be all feminine and flowery – it needs a contrasting element to balance it.” – Max Millies, Earthgro Fragrances

When composing a perfume there are no set rules; there are only principles. A useful principle is that, in olfactory composition, each component is not necessarily significant by itself. It only becomes significant by way of its relationships with the other components and particularly as part of the integral formula.

The portfolio

The perfumes that Max Millies, perfumer at Earthgro Fragrances, has designed for iconic fashion brands, are each completely different from the rest. Though as a body of work, the fragrances are developed using the same principles, each one both represents the values of an established brand, and – ultimately – itself. Even without the brand name attached, each perfume is a small, standalone work of art.


Unrestricted Woman

Unrestricted Woman, for Old Khaki

Old Khaki’s Unrestricted Woman Eau de Parfum is the counterpart to Unrestricted Man, but is entirely different – a white floral-based perfume with unconventional notes of Patchouli, Oil of Orris and Musk, which does indeed make it “unrestricted”.

Black Eau de Parfum Spray, for Markham

Characterized by a fresh, woody background vitalized with summer citrus tones, amber and marine notes, Markham “Black” is distinctly masculine, warm and provocative.

Essence of Poetry

Essence of Poetry, for Poetry Collection

Essence of Poetry Eau de Parfum combines the classical fragrance of sage, old English roses and the musky-woody scent of cashmerans to create a surprisingly balanced fragrance which is subtle yet lingering.


Nectar, for Rain Africa – Created for Living

The lingering and dominant base note in Nectar – an artisanal perfume – is Cedarwood, which results in a distinctive wild, woody, spicy-resinous and somewhat sweet aroma, balanced with light floral top and middle notes. This perfume is the embodiment of the fragrance of South African mountain woodlands.


Leaf, for Rain Africa – Created for Living

The first crisp notes of citrus and orange blossom evoke the hills and orchards of the Elephant River Valley which winds through the wild arid Northern Cape and remote Namaqualand region of South Africa.

Unrestricted Man

Unrestricted Man product image by Red Pennant for Earthgro
Unrestricted Man, for Old Khaki

The base note in Unrestricted Man, emerging last and lingering longest, is Patchoulia musky, earthy, exotic smell, called “the scent of the sixties”.

La Vie

Product image by Red Pennant for Earthgro.
La Vie, for Poetry Collection

Hidden in this seemingly quiet and sedately feminine perfume are hints of decadent Tuberose, surprising Galbanum and intense Jasmine. Starting off with simple, fresh Citrus notes, it becomes more interesting and daring – with its base note being Musk.

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