Scientists and a perfumer define and distill the smell of old books

How we know what we smell is through odour signals being processed in the part of our brain that stores smell identification, memory, and emotion. Smells can take us back years and years, to specific times, happenings and feelings. But how about multiple lifetimes? Two researchers at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, Cecilia Bembibre and Matija Strlič, have…Read more »

What is Olfaction? The nose knows

Olfaction, also known as olfactics, is the sense of smell. This sense is mediated by specialized sensory cells, called olfactory receptors, in our nasal cavities. Olfaction – the detection of smells – occurs when odorant molecules bind to specific sites on these receptors. These receptors come together at the glomerulus, a structure that transmits signals…Read more »