Perfume and poetry – “Ancient Resins (for Leonard Cohen)”

The world of perfume is full of happy coincidences and synergies, such as between Leonard Cohen and old-world resins and oils. Leonard Cohen started his career in music by writing poetry. He started turning his poems into songs and writing music because he couldn’t make a living as a writer. So he did not launch a music career…Read more »

What is it about the smell of cookies and rain?

Dorothy Winters: “It’s cookies, he smells like cookies, and the smell gets stronger when he’s in heat.” (From “Michael”) Do you remember the 1996 film Michael, starring John Travolta, in which Travolta, as the angel Michael, loves dancing, fighting bulls, romance and tourist sites? My favourite part of the film is that Michael is irresistible to women because…Read more »

What is Olfaction? The nose knows

Olfaction, also known as olfactics, is the sense of smell. This sense is mediated by specialized sensory cells, called olfactory receptors, in our nasal cavities. Olfaction – the detection of smells – occurs when odorant molecules bind to specific sites on these receptors. These receptors come together at the glomerulus, a structure that transmits signals…Read more »