Signature fragrances by design

Earthgro Fine Fragrances (with the fragrant Bergamot Orange in its logo), “Earthgro Fragrances” or “Earthgro” for short, designs and produces signature fragrances for retail clients.

“Maxiamo Perfumes®“ is a registered trademark and the house brand of Earthgro Fine Fragrances.


(Left to right) “Poetry” chain of clothing stores (part of the Cape Union Mart Group); “Old Khaki” clothing designer and retailer (part of the Cape Union Mart Group); and “Markham” men’s fashion retailer (a “Foschini Group” (TGF) brand), and internationally distributed bath & body product manufacturer “Rain Africa”.


Earthgro produces signature fragrances that represent the style and image of each of these brands. Each specially formulated fragrance is a complex mixture of precious natural essential oils and innovative molecules, resulting from a century of know-how and custom-built, modern extraction technologies used in Earthgro’s own extraction and bottling facility.

These fragrances do not only represent brands – just like the perfumes of celebrities do – but also give shape to the common desires and associations of particular groups of consumers.

These extremely complex formulas are then scrupulously replicated in the production process. This methodical and perfectionist work can only be carried out by someone who is both a researcher and an artist. And who has a very fine sense of smell.  A very good nose is essential since the perfumer uses his nose, and his knowledge of the chemical components of the odorants and how they behave in certain quantities, to decide what to add or subtract from the composition to create the associations that the client requires.

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