“Essence of Poetry” for Poetry Collection

Classical, yet surprising,

this fragrance is for the woman who knows her place in the world

and is not afraid to stand out.

Essence of Poetry Eau de Parfum combines the classical fragrance of sage, old English roses and the musky-woody scent of cashmerans to create a surprisingly balanced fragrance which is subtle yet lingering.  (100ml in size.) Max Millies of Earthgro designed the formula and Earthgro provides the perfume itself, the bottle, as well as the packaging, all designed to meet Poetry Collection’s product specifications and branding.


Top note:

Sage (Latin: Salvia Officinalis) – a classic, popular fragrance, smelling a bit savoury, with hazy, soft and mildly peppery aspects.

Middle Note:

Rose Odenol (classic rose) is the dominant middle note, which is sophisticated and timeless. There are five English rose fragrances, according to David Austin Roses. Myrrh, an aromatic, anise-like scent is found almost exclusively in English Roses. Because the rose is related to apricots, pears, apples, strawberries and others, fruity notes often surface. A romantic musk-like scent often comes from the flower’s stamens. While the classic old rose fragrance is found almost exclusively in pink and red English roses, an unusual and strong scent of fresh tea can be smelled in Tea Roses.

Base Note:

A base note give balance to the fragrance, and in this case it is Blonde Woods,  giving a touch of masculinity to an otherwise overtly feminine composition. The blonde woods is achieved through the addition of Cashmerans (C14H22O), also known as “musk indanone” or “indomuscone”. It is a diffusive, musky-woody scent; reminiscent of concrete (especially the abstract woody scent that concrete releases when rain falls on it), and is also lightly spicy, lightly powdery.

Where to get it

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